Key Projects:

ADB Funded Computerization of CRB Banks, Sri Lanka

ADB Funded Computerization of SBS Banks, Sri Lanka

Computerization of Supermarkets, Warehouses in Sri Lanka

Financial Management Application Solutions for Sanasa Development Bank, Sri Lanka

Financial Management Application Solutions for Dept of CooP Development, Sri Lanka

HR and Payroll Management Solutions for Small Business Organizations, Sri Lanka


Key Personnel :

Mr. Lalith Gangewatte

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Sarath Nukulasooriya

Director - Customer Relations

Mr. Palitha Karunamuni

Director - International Projects

Mr. Ruwan Jayaratne
Chief Finance Controller

Mr. R.G. Hemachandra
B.Dev(Hons), AIB, ALMPA
Senior Manager - Business Development

Mr. A.U.S. Withanage
Project Manager

Mr. Sudath Rukshan DeSilva
Senior Manager Operations/Marketting

Mr. Mohamed Najath
Senior System Analysts

Mr. Sachith P. Ilangage
Senior System Analysts

Mr. K. Pratheepan
Senior System Administator

Engg. S.T. Saravana Bhava
B.E(CSE)(India), ICS (USA)
Senior Software Engineer

Mr. G. Nishanthan
B.Sc (CS) (India)
Software Developer

Mr. Sanjeewa Perera
System Administrator

Mr. Mahesh Madawala
System Administrator

Mr. Kamal Senevirathna
System Administrator

Mrs. Nirosha

Ms. Niroshini
Account Assitant

Our Business and Years in Business

Softwatch InfoSys has been recognized as a full-service IT technology solutions provider to the Sri Lankan business community for just more than ten (10) years. The experience gained through providing various kind of information technology solutions to rural sector multi-purpose co-operative societies, super markets, pharmacies, etc., strengthen to design and development of a fully functional total banking solution which compromise software and hardware to suit the rural sector microfinance institutions.

TBSPro® — Total Banking Solution Professional Edition, our flagship product, is revolutionizing the rural sector microfinance banking industry, moving it from conventional hand-written ledgers to a 21st Century, fully integrated, web based system with a capability of remote connectivity throughout Sri Lanka.

Providing of the internationally recognized software solution to:

(a) Two Hundred and Ten (210) Co-operative Rural Banks linked to its Forty Eight (48) head offices at the respective multi-purpose co-operative societies which establish under the co-operative act of Sri Lanka,

(b) One Hundred and Six (106) Samurdhi Banking Societies linked to it’s relevant three (03) district offices and it’s national head quarters to run the management functions in a computerized environment given the opportunity to develop internal expertise and capacity of the “Softwatch InfoSys” to handle task oriented challenge situations.

Qualifications in the Field of Assignment

Softwatch InfoSys believes that the following core capability and the core expertise, gained during the past ten (10) years, being pioneered into the rural sector information technology development would give better entrepreneurial opportunity to serve much needed national cause.

  • Identifying the needs of the client from the scratch.
  • Technical know-how about the industry development in Information Technology.
  • Research, development and formulate an IT Solution to the client’s business environment for a affordable cost.
  • Building up better relationship with client’s task oriented staff in order to understand the capacity gap and give better training on the task.
  • 24 Hours X 7 day customer support services when the client faces a technical complicated situation.
  • Educate the client of the new innovation and encourage, facilitate to migrate to better situations.

Technical and Managerial Organization

We hereby invite the hierarchy of decision makers to experience the real world application of the assignment which Softwatch InfoSys presently successfully engaged in providing fully secured, web based, banking solutions with a remote connectivity in very low facilities of infrastructure environment in deep rural areas in the island.

Our organization was fined tuned during the research, development and installation of the Total Banking Solution “TBSPRO®” at almost 500 locations of Sri Lankan rural microfinance banking sector. The deployment plan is based on the following key elements:

  • Clear hierarchy of management decision making and coordination within our project team.
  • A well defined object oriented project team, with each member having a clear understanding of his or her responsibilities.
  • Developing a project implementation schedule that accounts for all the activities in an optimal manner.
  • Timely and effective communication plan with all stakeholders, to ensure that we receive the inputs and other support to meet the schedule.

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